Hello Wood Balaton -‘AIR’

Event:  Hello wood Balaton 2014
Venue:   Csopak  – Hungary
Date:    2014. 29. June  – 5 July
Team leaders:  Balazs ALMASI, Borbala LENKAI, Tamas SANDOR
Team members:  The ‘AIR’ team – Katalin BIRO (RO), Anita BODNAR (HU), Paula Antonia DEJI (RO), Zsófia MIHÁLY (RO), Daniel PAUER (HU), Melanie RICH (GB), Zsolt SARKADI (HU), Mate SIPOS (HU), Yara VALENTE (NL), Iris van der WEIDE (NL)

Intersection of Boundaries

Always been excited about a ‘look-out’ at Lake Balaton, which somehow one can watch the open water behind the reeds from. An impenetrable vertical monostructure, with strange noises and the objectified waves of the wind. If you can not go out secretly to a locked small pierl, you feel in vain that beautiful huge water you simply can not access ….



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