The main square of Pecs-Uranvaros and its related public spaces

Venue:   Pecs – Uranvaros, Hungary
Project name:   Planning the main square of the Pécs-Uránváros and its related public spaces
Date:    December 2007 .
Landscape architecture:  MALUS Bt. Balazs ALMASI, Antal GERGELY, Beatrix BOCS, Veronika FALLY, Mate SAROSPATAKI, Szilvia TANCZOS, Rita VARGA
Result:   3. prize

In August 2007, the Municipality of Pécs County Council announced a design competition entitled “Designing the Main Square of the Pécs-Uránváros and its Related Public Areas” in the framework of the key project “The Revitalization of Public Gardens and Parks” under the “European Capital of Culture-Pécs2010” program. The subject of the contest was the transformation and arrangement of Uránváros and the Uránbányász square and its surroundings as the main square of West Pécs. During the planning, we had to be sensitive to the unique image, historical significance and urban development of Uránváros.


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