Angelic brilliance

Venue:   Emlekezes square – Budapest
Project:  statue competition  – 2002
Sculptor:  Katalin SZAVOSZT
Landscape architecture:  Balazs ALMASI

The whole area of the space was treated as an equal fabric, and the roads have no hierarchy. The two ends of the road elements are closed by a red chair. All of them are the same, sitting on them can be remembered for the heroes and the dead. The roads, the red chairs, have a constant uniformity and provide a special backdrop for the statue. Sometimes the axis of the small road elements closed by huge existing trees.
The figure, a young angel who first comes to earth like a ray of light. The move captures the moment of arrival.She is who will bless these heroes.
The height of the statue without foundation is two meters and ten centimeters. Its material is antifreeze pyrogranit.



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