The PET Shadoof in Austria

Date: Saturday 24.09.2022.
Location: KŐSZEG, Bechtold István Természetvédelmi Látogatóközpont

Photos of the PET Shadoof will be exhibited in Lockenhaus (Austria) on 24 September. The Írottkő Nature Park Association will organise a full day of activities at the Puregreen project’s OPEN DAY in Kőszeg, “Green Art, Green Humour”, including a bus to the exhibition opening in Austria. Come, If you want to join us!

Detailed programme:

10.00 Opening toast
10.05 Presentation of the results of the Puregreen project
10.35 Presentation of the entries to the “Green Art, Green Humour” art competition
11.00 Coffee break (with a presentation of the “green things” of the municipalities of the Írottkő Nature Park)
11.10 Book presentation and discussion by Orsolya Lelkes Sustainable hedonism
12.00 Lunch (during which the “green things” of the settlements of the Írottkő Nature Park will be presented)
12.30 Book signing of the book Sustainable Hedonism by Orsolya Lelkes
13.00 Presentation of the works of the art competition “Green Art, Green Humour” (speaker: Ferenc Jánosi, theatre artist)
14.30 Bus departure to Lockenhaus (Austria), optionally by bicycle
15.00 Lockenhaus, Hauptplatz, Naturpark-Büro-Geschriebenstein opening of the exhibition of fine art works. Opening of the exhibition:
Michael Kefeder Mayor, Engelbert Kenyeri Obmann Naturparkverein Rechnitz. Round table discussion with the authors of the Green Art, Green Humour competition.
16.30 The bus will return to Kőszeg

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