Habilitation diploma award ceremony in Pécs

The Habilitation and Habitus Examination Committee of the University of Pécs awarded a habilitated doctoral degree to Dr. Balázs Almási. The awarding ceremony took place at the Ceremonial Senate Meeting on the occasion of the Hungarian Science Day of PTE on 9 November at 14.00.

Venue: PTE Dr. Halasy-Nagy József Assembly Hall (Pécs, Rákóczi út 80.)

The ceremony was broadcast live by Universitas Television on the PTE1367 YouTube channel.

“… by virtue of the power vested in us by law, we hereby confer upon him the degree of Doctor Habilitatus (Dr. Habil.) and the right to deliver independent university lectures in the field of architecture (venia legendi). …”

Thank you to the University of Pécs for making this possible, and to MATE – Institute of Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Art for supporting me in this.

Photos by Szabolcs Csortos

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