Surreal thought experiment

It was a real joy to play on the instrument called Landscape Architecture… It was a very intense spiritual and professional challenge, and experience. It is an eternal question regarding this work, whether it is possible to design a HUNGARIAN garden … I think yes on one hand, but not on the other. No, because there is no such style, and if we were to produce it, we would probably commit arbitrary and subjective violence in the history of Hungarian garden design… Yes, because as a Hungarian, growing up in this cultural environment, creativity can unfold in a special, unrepeatable way, which is not a faint imitation of something great, but it is the greatness itself, and as a kind of founding style, it may be a little Hungarian too. In the case of success, it could be preserved for the posterity, and can slowly become part of the Hungarian culture…

The concept builds on strong natural precedents. Along the castle wall, it evokes the rock face of a gorge valley, while in the inner courtyard it reconstructs a temperate-zone of deciduous forest, a kind of urban jungle in the stonedesert…

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