Vörösmarty Memorial House Garden

Venue:    Kapolnasnyek
Client:    VTT Velencei-tavi Terulet- es Telepulesfejlesztesi Co.
Landscape architecture:   Balazs ALMASI, Csaba TOROK
Designer co-workers:  Brigitta BORCSOK
Date of planning:    2018-2020
Implementation:    2019-2020
Contractor:    Green Art Co.
Area:    26.700 m2
Photos:    Balazs ALMASI

A huge benefit of the renovation of the memorial house is that the garden of the renovated building has been significantly expanded, i.e. its former area has multiplied. The current entire lower garden has been newly attached to the area, and several houses in poor condition have also been demolished in the upper garden. The function of the garden was also expanded, in addition to the recreation, a new outdoor stage named after Laura Csajághy was inaugurated during the handover of the renovated museum. The biggest challenge was during construction the significantly expanded stage and the integration of the newly established service buildings into the landscape. Taking advantage of the terrain, we designed an invitingly meandering walkway into the lower garden.

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