100% rainwater retention in 2005? Bugyi Beleznay Square

location: Village of Bugyi
client: the Municipality of Bugyi
Designers: Corvinus University of Budapest, Department of Garden and Open Space Design – Balázs ALMÁSI and Gergely LÁD
Year of design: 2005
execution: 2006
area: 7000 m2
Photos by Balázs ALMÁSI, Bugyi Municipality

In the design of Bugyi’s main square, Beleznay Square, we have managed to achieve 100% containment of stormwater runoff, despite the huge paved surface. Little did we know at the time how important this would become in landscape architecture nearly twenty years later. Of course, this is not a vision, it is a local phenomenon. The surface water had to be drained locally, because the sewage system could no longer handle the surface water from the main square.

In theory, there could have been room for a rain garden between the paved surfaces and the road, but the challenge was that the terrain did not allow the pavement to slope down towards the green surface. Thus, the collected water had to be returned underground under the green surfaces in the opposite direction to the slope. The underground sump was thus able to receive water from both the pavement and the road.

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